About us

Piastowska Dental Clinic is a company with a very long tradition.

It was founded by Dr. Jan Mikina in 1955. In 1963, the office moved to Nowa Huta , Zielone 24/36 where Dr Mikina worked untill 1983. At this address Dental Clinic still exists under the supervision of Dr. Magdalena Mikina-Czyżowska.

After returning in 1979 from Nigeria where he worked and perfected his skills as a maxillo-facial surgeon during Biafra War, later worked as a doctor in Governmental Clinic in Lagos, Dr. Mikina modernized and upgraded his Dental Clinic in Krakow, bringing in the newest equipment, and  implementing procedures of highest standards.

In the current location Dental Clinic works continuously untill now. Dr Marta Mikina-Lenik and Dr. Jerzy Lenik work since1986, recently also Dr. Michał Lenik joined the medical Team. Likewise Dr. Izabela Niekowal-Tomera.

We created a Clinic where beside quality of our services, best relationship with our Patients is our goal. Testimonial to this are those families which are our patients for three generations.

Fundamental in our work are high qualifications and interpersonal skills of our team, together with carefully selected equipment enabling a complex dental care. We offer the latest dental techniques in order to ensure oral health and dental appearance of  our patients is always at its very best. Commitment to continuing education keeps us up to date with changes in modern dentistry. Relaxing atmosphere and caring team gives patients a pleasant experience.

We cooperate with a qualified Hygenist -Aleksandra Ślusarczyk who regularly takes care of patients` oral health and keeps your mouth free of diseases, making the therapeutical effect worked out by dental team last longer.

Our Clinic has three dental offices, a surgery and an oral hygiene office.

Each office is equipped with digital radiology giving an X-ray image instantly, this technology reduces the dose by 90%.

The sterilization room ensures proper sanitation procedures, for preparing instrument packages and sterile handpieces to protect our patients from cross infections.
Each process is controlled by sterilization indicators – all in order for You to feel safe!