Dental prosthodontics

It is a branch of dentistry that deals with the repairing and restoring the damage caused by the patients’ negligence.

Nowadays, technological advances make it possible to use procedures and materials that perfectly mimic natural teeth, which is important for the well-being of the patient, and also enables reconstruction of the proper functioning of the stomatognathic system, movement and load, which is the overriding goal of the treatment.

As a result of clinical examination and evaluation supported by analysis of diagnostic models and radiological examinations, an optimal method of reconstructing missing teeth is established

This plan, if necessary, is consulted with other specialists (orthodontist, endodontist, surgeon) and then presented to the patient. It is sometimes necessary to work out a compromise between the patient’s expectations and the range of treatments necessary for proper functioning.

Then the computer simulation methods of complementary and demonstration models are supported.

In the arsenal of prosthetic work we have permanent restorations: crowns, bridges, veneers, inlay, onlay – these can be made on a metal base (steel, titanium, gold), or without metal on zirconium oxide, or other ceramic base.

The movable restorations are acrylic prostheses (metal) with various fastening elements: buckles, bolts, latches.

Relaxing braces – prevent nighttime tooth wear, protect the teeth from injuries during sports.