For doctors

Our Clinic provides complex procedures including endodontic, periodontic, dental implants, dental surgery.

We provide only the procedure specified by referral, The patient then returns to the referring Doctor, together with complete information about procedure and digital X-ray images, if such were done.
In case of dental implants, we would like to stay in touch with the referring doctor in order to conduct the procedure accordingly to his plan of prosthetic reconstruction which is later followed in his office.

Referral forms for certain procedures can be found at:

1. Endodontics
2. Dental Surgery
3. Periodontology
4. Implantology
1. Endodontics
  1. Root canal traetment-preparation, and obturation of canals without restoring tooth crown.
  2. Removing broken instrument from root canal.
  3. Removing cast posts and glass fiber posts.
  4. Managing canal perforations, strip perforations, perforations of pulp chamber in cooperation with dental surgeon.
  5. Apexification
  6. Localizing canal openings without root canal treatment.
  7. Preparing tooth for apiectomy.
  8. Treatment of endo-perio and perio-endo
  9. Treatment of internal and external resorption in cooperation with dental surgeon.
2. Dental Surgery
  1. Tooth extraction (intraalveolar and surgical)
  2. Surgical extraction of retained teeth
  3. Ending of unsuccesfull extractions.
  4. Extrusions
  5. Radectomies
  6. Hemisections
  7. Root amputations
  8. Crown elongation
  9. Apiectomy
  10. Closing of the antro-oral fistula
  11. Incision and drainage of abscesses
  12. Collecting tissue for histopathologigal examination
  13. Modelling of alveolar ridge
  14. Excicion of mucosal pathologies
  15. Surgical management of cysts
  16. Thin-needle biopsy
  17. Management of root perforations in cooperation with endodontist
  18. Surgical and conservative management of retained teeth
  19. Augmentation of alveole with biomaterial
3. Periodontology
  1. Curettage
  2. Treatment of chronic periodontal disorders
  3. Coverage of recession with local  reconstructive surgery or connective tissue transplant
  4. Reconstruction of gingival zone
  5. Reconstruction of oral vestibule
  6. Surgical management of deep periodontal pockets
  7. Augmentation of periodontal pockets
  8. Surgical preparing of soft tissues for prosthetic procedures
  9. Teeth immobilization with glass-fiber splint
  10. Treatment of furcations
  11. Photoactive desinfection
4. Implantology
  1. Placement of an implant without previous prosthetic rehabilitation (we expect direct cooperation from referring Doctor especially in the planning phase)
  2. Placement of an implant with prosthetic reconstruction
  3. Implant diagnostics with SimPlant program.
  4. Sinus lift
  5. Alveolar augmentation with biomaterial or autogenic transplant together with PRF