Implant dentistry

A method of treatment consisting in complementing the missing teeth with implants (implants).

The implantprosthetic supplement consists of the intraosseus part (implant) and the supragingival part in the form of a crown (bridge), latch or beams depending on the extent of tooth defects, anatomical conditions and patient expectations. The most common material from which implants are made is titanium, and the gingival part of titanium, zirconium, porcelain or composite.

The basic indications for implant use are:

  • Lack of single tooth
  • wing defects (side segments)
  • toothlessness

The advantages of implant therapy are:

  • Elimination (removable) prostheses, especially if they are intolerant to the patient
  • avoiding grinding of teeth to use a permanent restoration (bridge)
  • Improved stabilization of mobile prostheses
  • Immediate and early implantation treatment prevents bone loss occurring after removal of the tooth

In some cases implantation must be complemented or preceded by reconstructive bone and / or soft tissue reconstruction.

Increased bone volume is achieved through the use of appropriate surgical techniques (eg. maxillary sinus elevation), and biomaterials or bone grafts in the form of granules or bone blocks.

Soft tissue disorders are corrected using a variety of surgical techniques most commonly associated with mucosal grafts or animal origin grafts. In order to achieve the best results in bone and soft tissue reconstruction, we often use PRF supplemented from the patient’s own blood.

In each case, implant treatment is preceded by a detailed clinical diagnosis supplemented with radiological examinations, based on which the Sim-plant treatment planning (virtual implant placement), with the possibility to create templates that help to precisely position the implants.

Most patients are eligible for implant treatment. However, there may be general and local contraindications to the above-mentioned treatment (verification takes place during initial consultation visits).