Microscope endodontics

Modern endodontics is based on use of microscopes. “I can do as much as I see” relates especially to this brunch of dentistry.

Working in magnification (up to 40x) allows to find, shape and obture root canals invisible for human eye, precisely visualise pulp structure with its complicated anatomy, dealing with obliterations and perforations of roots. All of that minimalizes the risk of retreatment.

Possibility of keeping your own – even damaged – tooth is not to be overestimated. Despite necrosis tooth is a foundation for prosthetic build-ups that’s why it’s sometimes called “self-implant”.

In addition to treatment of painful pulp inflammations, endodontics deals with elimination of chronical periapical inflammations that sometimes develop symptomless and are detected accidentally during radiological examination. Such inflammations despite causing pain are dangerous for many raesones such as:

  1. Progressing damage of bone structures that in boarder cases can cause bone fractures.
  2. Exacerbation of general diseases by bacteraemia. Diseases especially linked to focal infections are: Glomerulonephritis, Rheumatism, Myocarditis, Neuralgia and nerve inflammations,  some skin diseases, Iris and choroiditis.