Dental surgery

Alveolar process surgery

Beginning with simple (extra alveolar)  methods of extraction, ending with complicated (separations, surgical extractions). Treating post extraction complications (inflammations, oral-sinus fistula etc.)

Post extraction augmentation of alveolar socket before planed prosthetic restoration. To obtain optimal functional and esthetic effect biomaterials and bone graft are used depending on case.

Pre-prosthetic surgery

Bone and soft tissue corrections like deepening oral cavity vestibule or reconstruction of resorbed alveolar process.

Surgery linked to orthodontic treatment (in cooperation with orthodontist)

Extractions and reveal of impacted or supernumerary teeth.  Soft tissue surgery (like upper lip frenulectomy) executed using traditional methods or diode laser.


Frequently used method supporting surgical or implant treatment is to use platelet reach fibrin (PRF). It is simple to obtain the patient’s own blood material taken directly before or during the treatment and then prepared in a hematocrit centrifuge.

Stimulates healing and tissue regeneration through fibrin web, slow release of growth factors. The presence of these proteins significantly accelerates healing, especially in the critical phase of the first days after surgery.